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3 Ways IEM Systems Maximize Renewable Resources

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Copper Mountain

The reliability of power drawn from renewable resources is a persistent myth. In fact, the Union of Concerned Scientists cites issues with reliability as one of the most pervasive misconceptions about renewable energy, one which must be confronted and dispelled whenever possible.

Fortunately, IEM Power Systems is in a great position to work to dispel that particular myth. Here are three ways IEM technologies can overcome issues with reliability in renewable resource power.


1 – Improved Storage To Manage Fluctuating Resources

Unlike non-renewable energy sources, renewable resources like wind and solar power can sometimes be at the mercy of environmental changes. The cloud cover or availability of wind on a different day can cause periodic sags and spikes in your chose energy generation source.  

But by using the robust, efficient and reliable rotary power technology available through IEM Power Systems, renewable power users can store sufficient energy to ride through the ups and downs caused by resource availability.


2 – Distribute Power When It’s Needed

Whether it’s generated by renewable resources or otherwise, power isn’t worth much unless it can be distributed as and when it’s needed. IEM Power Systems provide safe, efficient and reliable solutions to these issues.

LV Switchboards and MV Switchgear that can be housed in your control building to manage the distribution of electrical energy harvested by your power generation facility. In addition, IEM Power systems substations have been developed to convert the power generated at your facility to a distribution voltage. We offer a full range of individual products through to fully integrated, packaged substation solutions.


3 – Control Your Entire System Remotely

Storage and distribution are key elements of the renewable resource equation, but control is the final, most important thing to consider. Any system must have finely tuned elements of control to operate at peak capacity.

IEM offers the Switchgear and Controls necessary to safely aggregate the electrical power generated by turbines or a solar array, and prepare this power for distribution via the local or national power grid.

IEM control systems come with available options for flexibly presenting data, predictive trending for reporting and automated notifications for events, warnings and alarms, all of which comes in a format easy to monitor securely from any mobile device.


Learn More with an IEM Case Study

All of these elements of renewable power can be seen in action at the Copper Mountain Solar Facility, a photovoltaic power plant in Boulder City, Nevada.

Copper Mountain was the largest plant of its kind in the United States when it came online in 2010 and uses IEM technologies throughout its operation. Learn more about how IEM Systems help Copper Mountain provide reliable power for southern Nevada and beyond in this case study from IEM.

 Case Study