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5 Things to Know About Panelboard Installation and Maintenance

Thursday, August 09, 2018


Before you add a new panelboard to your facility, it’s important to take stock of what the installation and maintenance process will mean. Here are five key things to consider before you get started.

1 – Pre-install cabinet storage is crucial

Your panelboard cabinet won’t function properly if it’s damaged before you’re able to install it. Even chips or scratches to the paint or protective coating can be a problem as they could lead to corrosion as your panelboard ages. That’s why it’s crucial to take great care with your panelboard cabinet before your installation begins. Store it in a clean, dry, normal temperature location at all times.

2 – Temperature matters

Your panelboard will naturally heat and cool as the current it governs is turned on and off. This will cause expansion and contraction of the parts within the panelboard. Added to the vibration typically present in the panelboard’s environment, these temperature changes can cause connections and fuses to loosen over time. It’s important to be aware of how these temperature changes can affect your panelboard and take steps to make sure your equipment’s performance doesn’t suffer as a result.

3 – Avoid clutter whenever possible

Clutter can become an issue for your panelboard both during installation and during its day-to-day operation. Be sure to clear any clutter from the panelboard after installation and do your best to keep additional wiring and components from accumulating within your panelboard cabinet as you use it.

4 – Maintain the directory

Every panelboards is provided with cardholders or directories to designate the loads controlled by the various panelboard circuits. To make sure you have quick access to information on your panelboard, these directories should be properly and neatly filled out and maintained for accuracy.

5 – Regular inspections will improve your maintenance

Properly maintaining your panelboard is obviously important, but you can make your maintenance work more impactful through regular inspection. Periodically check to see that your panelboard is kept clean and in good working order to keep your more extensive maintenance to a minimum.

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