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Features and Benefits of Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Arc-Resistant Switchgear

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Do you have a need for a medium voltage (5 kV – 15 kV), arc resistant, compact metal clad switchgear for your data center, marine, critical health care, or another type of facility?

In the past, you may have found that solving this multi-dimensional footprint and optimization problem was a real challenge.   Well, not anymore.

IEM offers a solution that simultaneously addresses your ANSI/IEEE/UL design challenges and compact footprint in a front accessible switchgear – IEM’s Vesta-AR metal-clad, arc-resistant switchgear.

High-level features of Vesta-AR include:

  • Front accessible
  • Target Size: 24”W x 60”D x 96”H
  • Arc resistant, class 2A
  • IR viewing ports and viewing windows
  • Front accessible 600V CTs and front connected cables
  • Draw-out Breaker (magnetically operated VM1), PT and CPT
  • Insulated Bus
  • UL and cUL listed per ANSI / IEEE standards (metal clad and arc resistance)

High-level benefits of Vesta-AR include:

  • Full front accessibility for cable connections and current transformers (CT) ensures ease of maintenance, minimal usage of floor space and creates a safe environment.
  • Front and rear viewing windows allow complete access to viewing of the bus bar compartment for maintenance to assess any signs of overheating of the bus.
  • Front and rear infrared viewing ports allow maintenance personnel to easily access thermal monitoring of the equipment without having to open the enclosure.
  • IR technology ensures the operators safety while assessing the equipment’s internal components for possible overheating.
  • Fully reinforced and sealed joints, hinges and latches, which reduce the risk of damage to maintenance personnel and other existing equipment in the event of an arc flash.

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