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How Does Rotabloc UPS Work?

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

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Rotabloc UPS is an electrically coupled diesel rotary UPS (DRUPS) system made by IEM, right here in the U.S.  The system is a “battery-less” UPS solution designed to protect critical loads against electrical disturbances in the event of power failures, voltage transients, or slow voltage fluctuations.  Its simple design allows for low maintenance while maximizing efficiency, reliability and improvement of the overall power quality.

How it Works

Rotabloc Rotary UPS systems are a unique ‘Integrated’ Uninterruptible Power Protection System incorporating the Engine Generator, UPS module, and Switchgear components, all of which are controlled by a central operating system. The system is both simple in its design and in its mode of operation. To achieve this simplicity, IEM Power Systems has developed the RB Power Control System that, while operating the UPS, also manages the operation of the Engine Generator ensuring that it:

  1. Monitors the Utility supply for both voltage and frequency deviation
  2. Quickly identifies a drop in input (Utility) voltage, pre-starting within milliseconds
  3. Comes up to speed at the required rate
  4. Synchronizes with the Rotabloc UPS
  5. Accepts load in a controlled manner
  6. Resynchronizes automatically to a returning Utility supply
  7. Reconnects to the Utility in a controlled manner

The system Switchgear is also operated by the central control system, ensuring that breaker operation always proceeds in the correct sequence and breaker sync check systems are UPS controlled so that your equipment is always protected. 

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Central Control System Features Include:

  • Standardized SEL based platform
  • Fully redundant network topologies with hardened
  • Real Time Control, Monitoring, and Reporting
  • Remote Monitoring and Data Collection
  • SCADA Server
  • Protocols: DNP3, Modbus, Ethernet I/P, OPC
  • Ease of integration with Building Management System

The IEM Difference

The Rotabloc UPS provides a complete turn-key solution for mission critical applications where continuous, high quality electrical power must always be available. IEMPS offers Rotary UPS systems for both medium voltage (4160V and above) and low voltage (400V, 480V, 600V) applications.

IEM Power Systems is the only UPS manufacturer that will build, integrate and test your system in the factory as standard.

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