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How Rotabloc RBT Helps in Three Critical Power Phases

Friday, June 01, 2018


The Rotabloc RBT is based on simple, efficient, conventional electrical and mechanical components. Its simplicity leads to very high reliability and low service costs which, when added to the energy saved by the overall Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), produces a low overall cost of ownership.

The robust Rotabloc machine uses durable components throughout its construction and as a result, can function in three critical phases of operation.  They include:

1) In normal operation, the Rotabloc protects the electrical load from power quality problems. This power quality protection prevents wear on your facility’s infrastructure and reduces the maintenance downtime necessary to repair or replace such assets. These issues can represent more than 95% of the power problems your facility faces in a given year.

2) During mains failure, the Rotabloc protects the load and maintains the power supply at the precise voltage and frequency your facility needs by supplying energy to the alternator from the accumulator without need for electronic power conversion.

While these “blackout” events are less common, for organizations where power is always required during operation, interruption of mains electricity leading to loss of production (including restart time), wastage of materials and a dented reputation could be very costly. The Rotabloc can help your facility avoid all three of these issues.

3) Under extended mains failure, the Rotabloc automatically transfers the power load to your chosen back-up energy source, usually a diesel genset. Once a stable main supply returns, the machine will also safely transfer the load back and be ready to act again.

Applications of UPS systems like the Rotabloc RBT have traditionally included air traffic control operations, data centers, large financial organizations and telecoms providers. But as manufacturing becomes more sophisticated, reliable power has become even more vital, and the Rotabloc machine becomes even more indispensable.

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