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How to Tell if You Need an Integrated Custom Assembly for Your Electrical Distribution Project

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Am I a good candidate for a custom assembly?

Design engineers, contractors, and building owners are often involved in construction projects requiring custom switchboards, panel boards, and switchgear that must be sized to meet their project's space and electrical distribution requirements.  How do you know if you are such a candidate?

Here are a few questions to ask to quickly find out:

  • Are you replacing original switchgear in a smaller room space in an older building?
  • Are you installing switchgear into an urban high-rise structure where high square footage costs force smaller electrical room footprints?
  • Is your equipment installation in a coastal salt air or outdoor environment?
  • Are you connecting a cable tap box and standby circuit breaker enclosure with a portable generator?
  • Are you in an older building where switchgear must be sized to fit smaller or irregularly-sized electrical room layouts during renovation projects?
  • Are you in an older building where standard electrical equipment will not fit through doorways or other passages during installation?
  • Are you in a new, high-density urban construction area where other urban projects force minimal space availablility for electrical distribution equipment?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you likely face design and installation challenges requiring custom assembly.

The answer?

On-schedule custom assemblies for space-restricted and non-standard power distribution applications from IEM.

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