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What are Smart Grids and Why Do They Matter?

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Smart Grids

Technological advances big and small are constantly happening around us. Every day, the systems and technologies that make up the modern world seem to change slightly as businesses and innovators improve their products and services.

In the world of energy and power, smart grids are one of the biggest yet still under the radar developments, and they’re making our entire system more efficient than ever.

What are smart grids?

Put simply, smart grids are very similar to traditional electrical grid systems, except they use new technology to take full advantage of existing infrastructure.

Using the power distribution systems already in place around the world, smart grids augment those systems by leveraging intelligent controls, telecommunication technology, and newly available advanced data to deliver power more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

How will they affect the world of energy and power?

These smart grids are crucially important to the future of the energy industry because of the way they allow traditional energy sources to work hand-in-hand with alternative energy sources.

  • The traditional electrical grid has struggled to utilize these renewable or alternative energy sources alongside the standard fossil fuel sources, but smart grids are changing that equation. 
  • Since renewable or alternative energy sources tend to be somewhat more unpredictable than fossil fuels, it’s important to be able to utilize the more stable fossil fuel energy supply to maximize the effectiveness of the alternative sources.
  • Smart grids accomplish this by managing the power supply to take advantage of both the environmentally friendly aspects of renewable sources and the dependability of fossil fuels, seamlessly integrating both energy sources into the power supply.

How IEM Power Systems contributes to smart grids

 IEM Power Systems technology is well-suited for two key parts of a smart grid systems.

  • IEM’s power distribution systems bridge the gap between power systems, helping grid technology connect to the customers it serves.
  • In addition, our renewable energy storage and power control products allow smart grids to draw power from the most efficient sources, playing a key role in the energy distribution process.

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