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What Features Should You Look for in Metal-Clad Medium Voltage Switchgear?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

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Where to Start?

You should begin by looking for a product line that is available in a varity of classes including 2.4kV, 5kV, 15kV, 27kV and 38kV, and comes in outdoor non-walk-in, outdoor walk-in and indoor enclosures.

Next, look for selection options around specific protective relays, metering devices and circuit breakers for specific applications.

After that...

Look for features and benefits that include:

  • Ampacity 600A – 3000A
  • Optimal breaker selection that includes any commercially available vacuum circuit breaker from industry leading manufacturers
  • Rear access for load and incoming connections
  • Compartmentalized construction with top or bottom breaker compartment for each device
  • One-high or two-high construction
  • Unit substation primaries
  • Component and metering selections are based on value engineering for the application and optimized to meet specifications


Look for an offering that combines the above with full customization and design flexibility, fully rated bus based on density ratings, and seismic testing to worst case response spectrum.

To Learn More

To see how well IEM’s Metal Clad Medium Voltage Switchgear stacks up against the above criteria, download our free Product Sheet with additional information, component selection options, and technical specifications.

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