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What to Look for When Considering Custom Assemblies

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

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Who Needs Custom Assemblies?

For the most part, it is companies that find themselves needing a unique design and manufacturing capability in order to integrate various electrical and power components, and integrate those products into a single assembly that is specifically suited to a defined purpose.

In these situations, the right custom assembly process eliminates the need to compromise or combine several products from various manufacturers into a less than ideal solution.

Common Custom Assembly Applications

Common applications include:

  • Walk-In Enclosures to protect power distribution equipment in outdoor applications
  • Marina Substation for inland and coastal environmental applications
  • Generator cable tap boxes that can safely connect a stand-by power circuit breaker with a portable generator
  • Emergency Fused Coordination Panels

Walk-in Enclosures

When custom designing Walk-in Enclosures, look for the following:

  • Manufacturing flexibility for any size layout or configuration
  • Can be shipped in one unit with no assembly on site required
  • Includes installed and wired equipment to match your specific application
  • Custom paint and sheet metal fabrication options per application

Marina Substations

When customizing for Marina Substations, look for things like:

  • Single and three phase models
  • Double wall construction
  • Ground fault monitoring system
  • Up to 1200 Amp main circuit breaker with 16 single phase branch circuit breakers
  • Marine grade aluminum enclosure

Generator Cable Tap Boxes

Generator Cable Tap Boxes should offer:

  • Ratings for 600A applications at 240V or 480V
  • Wall mounted/pad mounted
  • Free standing
  • Lug and cam lock connections available
  • Power meters

Emergency Fused Coordination Panels

And finally, for Emergency Fused Coordination Panels, look for:

  • UL or CA listed
  • Coordinated emergency loads
  • Main breaker, main lugs, subfed breaker options
  • Voltage: 120V – 600V; Ampacity: 250A and 400A
  • 65kA at 480V

The IEM Difference

Our fully rated bus is based on density ratings, not UL heat rise tests, resulting in more bus and lower operating temperatures.

All enclosures are designed for specific application with improved dimensional flexibility, and finished using state of the art powder coating system providing an indoor finish that exceeds the 1500 hour salt spray testing requirement for outdoor equipment to 3000 hours.

And finally, our component and metering selections are based on value engineering for the application and optimized to meet specifications. 

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